As the son of an Irish hypnotist, my first job was a magician’s assistant. Ever since then I’ve been selling imagination, in one form or another, to consumers all over the world. I’ve used ladyboys to sell Mercedes, balloons to sell Orange, feathers to sell Singapore Airlines and cartoon bombs to sell Listerine.

I enjoy making creative communications with ideas that flow seamlessly through multiple media channels, connecting with consumers in traditional and non-traditional ways.

The work I’m most proud of has certainly made money for my clients. My Listerine campaign took a brand with an annual turnover of 5 million to 55 million in 3 years and had a positive effect on the sale of Warner Lambert to Pfizer. The work I did for Orange Australia made it number two in unaided awareness in less than a month, and number 3 in hand phone sales in under a year.

Having worked in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating solutions for a wide range of brands, including Pharma, across new and varied cultures. When the opportunity came to head up a young Digital agency in Jakarta I leapt at the chance, helping the agency to grow to 82 people with 39 brands and winning 17 pitches along the way, in an exhausting but satisfying two years.


Sadly all good things must come to an end and I needed to be closer to family. However, I have returned with some new tricks. I’ve mastered the world of Digital and helped manage a fledgling agency through incredible growth.

For me, my time at Arcade has merged the worlds of traditional and digital advertising into one and simply given me even more ways to sell imagination.

Paul Tilley – ECD

Contact Sydney: 04233 72 669 paultilley@live.com.au

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