Citra – Selamat Hari Kartini (Happy Kartini Day)

The Challenge:

Gain fans in social media and increase the awareness of Citra with all it’s natural benefits leading up to National Kartini Day. Using existing collateral materials with virtually no budget.

Note: Kartini is especially significant to Indonesian women, as she was a champion of indigenous women’s education and equality. She lived in a time when beauty products were completely natural, something many Indonesian women harken back to today. This also plays to Citra’s long standing, natural heritage.

The Solution:

To create a video projecting the common values shared between Kartini and Citra, thus enhancing the cultural heritage of Citra along with it’s natural-beauty credentials, amongst the women of Indonesia.

The Idea:

Using powerful imagery of women in business to project the image of strong, clever, creative women who are down to earth, in a naturally beautiful way. This reflects all the values Kartini herself would be proud to think the women of today value and hold dear.

All this is done with simple, natural elegance whilst wishing the women of Indonesia a Happy Kartini Day – Selamat Hari Kartini.

The Results: 

Sometimes a simple, uncomplicated message delivered with natural style can bear the greatest fruit. This was one of those times. The numbers far exceeded the clients expectations and pushed Citra’s awareness to even greater heights.

16,393,326 = total reach
2,035,523 = total page likes
5,273 = new fans.