The Challenge:

During the socially sensitive time of Ramadhan, let young people know, in a tasteful and socially acceptable way that it’s still OK, with the confidence of Close Up, to make a romantic move.

The Solution:

To develop an online competition asking young consumers to share how they make their move, even during the special month of Ramadhan. By creating a stylised video invitation we allow consumers to voice possible ways of ‘making your move’ rather than Close Up, thus avoiding any possible inappropriateness. They simply post how they make their move with the #MakeYourMove to win great prizes.

The Idea:

Use star power, with well-known singer and star, Teza Sumendra for the 2016 Close Up #MakeYourMove campaign.

With his boy-next-door looks and charismatic style he charmed the young loves of Indonesia into sharing how they make their moves, even during the special month of Ramadhan.

The Results:

Bigger than a number one hit for Teza! There were so many entries the Unilever portal crashed twice in one day. Furthermore, despite the slightly sensitive subject matter of romance during Ramadhan, Close Up’s approval rating actually increased amongst traditional Indonesians.

20.06% = conversion rate
17,314 = total submissions