The Challenge:

This was the classic advertising challenge. In the 15 day lead up to Valentine’s Day we were asked to cut through a highly cluttered market place, filled with active, big spending competitors, using a minimal budget. Classic right?

The Solution:

To touch a romantic nerve with young female consumers by engaging them in a series of love stories and incentivise them to return the next day, for more. We do this by creating a low cost invitational video and a simple, effective 15 day story series that talks directly to young romantically inclined girls.

The Idea:

Our invitational video draws young, romantically inclined females into “One Love Story 15 Surprises”. Then playing off the insight that they love to predict the ‘endings’ of romantic stories, we tell the story but leave the ending off. Then we invite them to write their own endings and post them to #dovehappyending

The surprises come, when they return the next day to see the ending from the day before and if their prediction was right. Those who guess correctly received a special gift from @dovechocolateid #dovehappyending

The Results:

Amazing, in the 15 day lead up to Valentine’s Day, from a very simple insight – girls like to read love stories and they love to predict the endings came a campaign that increased awareness and engaged young females all across Indonesian right up to Valentine’s Day.

It was beautifully crafted, simply written and the results were a happy ending for Dove.

18% engagement rate average
1,900+ story submissions
3,200+ new Instagram followers