The Challenge:

Heineken wanted to cement there position as Indonesia’s number one imported beer and further increase there awareness amongst the 20-30 year olds as the coolest beer for those who loved to party.

The Solution:

To create a party competition amongst 8 of the coolest (KOLs) influencers in Jakarta, to see who could organise the most monumental “No Bar” party during finals night of the Champions League. Whilst also making a music based video, recording the efforts of our intrepid party people, which could further be amplified through social media to push Heineken’s positive awareness off the charts.

Note: Because of the time difference between Europe and Asia, fanatical Indonesian fans of the UEFA Champions League have parties called “No Bar” these are parties they have whilst they’re waiting to watch their favourite teams play, usually around 2am.

The Idea:

Inspire the coolest party people in Indonesia to get down with Heineken to organise and create 8 of the greatest parties ever. Give them a ‘live link’ with all of the other locations, via technology, so they can interact and try to out party each other.

This is all done by tapping in Indonesia’s fanatical love of the Champions League and “No Bars”. Then record all of the excitement, the build up, the night and the winners to create a video, which will be release online, shortly after to amplify the excitement to the extreme.

The Results:

The results, just like the events themselves where extreme. The online chatter via the soccer community and the (KOLs) simply took over the net in Indonesia for days. People wanted to know why they hadn’t been invited and if it was happening again next year? Thankfully, due to these results it will.

23,898,103 = total reach
2,411,312 = total page likes
9,872 = new fans.