The Challenge:

In a market packed with budget airlines talking continuously, through mobile to young, social-media saavy travellers, JetStar needed to increase awareness and it’s ‘share of mind’ with young Indonesian travellers. All on a shoe-string budget.

The Solution:

To bring the brand top of mind with a massive internet conversation, by using the modern internet phenomenon of photo-bombing. By creating and seeding posts across several travel influencers (KOLs) platforms, to set up a ‘possible’ conversation. Then once these posts were in place, we nudged the conversation into a reality that storms across the internet. Finally creating a video and competition that engages and solidifies JetStar in the mind-space of our consumers.

The Idea:

We created the “Secret Photo-Bomber” who travelled all around Asia photo-bombing star travel bloggers, in lots of wildly varied JetStar destinations.

The travel influencers posted their photos, not mentioning the guy in the background. After a few weeks, questions started appearing regarding the secret photo-bomber. Then we lit the fire by having buzzers notice and ask questions about this guy  photo-bombing travel stars all over Asia. Who was he? How is he doing this

The buzz turned into a storm, even getting traction in mainstream media and at it’s peak a video was released revealing the identity of “The Secret Photo-bomber” and how, because JetStar’s cheap flights to almost everywhere, he was able to travel around Asia like the Stars

The Results:

For the spend the results were incredible. Whilst solidly booked, JetStar had a huge increase in enquires and later research showed they were in the top 2-3 preferred Airlines with young Indonesian travellers, who now believed they could travel like the stars with JetStar.

6.8% = engagement rate
44,008 = total engagement, Instagram
1,463 = total competition submissions