Ponds, look 10 years younger in 2 weeks

The Challenge:

In a saturated market Ponds wanted to expand their target market and increase awareness for Ponds Age Miracle anti-wrinkle cream, by educating younger women, in their early 30’s about the premature signs of ageing. Simply put Ponds wanted to sell anti-ageing cream to younger women.

The Solution:

To create an online, educational video for women in their early 30’s making them aware of the three signs of premature ageing, whilst offering them a real scientifically based solution from Ponds Age Miracle, all backed by the promise that they will look 10 years younger in just 2 weeks.

The Idea: 

We tapped into a significant life-time event for women in their early 30’s – the college reunion. Our girl’s natural concerns for her looks are a powerful story-telling tool for Ponds and to heighten the pressure we made the reunion only 2 weeks away.

The Results:

Our girl is triumphant. With the help of Ponds Age Miracle over 2 weeks she stems the signs of premature ageing and looks exactly like she did 10 years ago, in college. With a simple media spend the video ran as 30’s and 15’s across all the relevant social media platforms and the results were as beautiful as our heroine at her reunion.

11,451,709 = total reach
3,011,926 = total likes FB IG
4,431 = new fans FB IG